One Down, Four to Go for this List

Last week, Pwn or Die made a list of "Five Bands That Don't Need Their Own Guitar Hero Game." Number five: Van Hagar Halen, outed by a ratings board listing the very next day.

While it's possible P or D didn't know or overlooked the rumblings of just such a game, going back a year, that's some absolutely karmic timing. And so here are the other four we can look forward to being announced sometime this week (commentary is mine):

• Guitar Hero: U2 - I'd have to agree here. I'm one of those guys who came in with "Joshua Tree" and then worked his way backward, not forward. I'm not sure I could must up the self-regard necessary to even do a plastic peripheral cover of "Vertigo." I'd feel like I was in an iPod ad. Plus I'm not sure how the African debt relief minigame would work.

• Guitar Hero: Nickelback - Don't know a damn thing about them or their music, other than they are used as a punchline only slightly less often than Insane Clown Posse.

• Guitar Hero: Coldplay - I'll confess to being convinced to buy their album by a woman I briefly dated. Then "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" came out with its infamous line. Since then, every time I've bought a new computer or iPod, god damn iTunes makes sure to redownload this to my hard drive.

• Guitar Hero: Creed - Simply because the game would consist of 80 songs played to the same note highway. Also because they are used as a punchline slightly more often than Insane Clown Posse.

On that score, now I want some DJ Hero: ICP. How about you Juggalos?

5 Bands That Don't Need Their Own Guitar Hero Game [Pwn or Die]


    Gotta agree with U2. I am SOOOOOOO happy that neither Guitar hero nor Rock Band feature their "music". Seriously...most over-rated band in history.

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