One Of These Men May Appear On The Cover Of Madden 2010

Many sports games make a fuss over their respective cover athletes, but really, the only one people give a damn about is the guy who turns up on the front cover of Madden.

Partly because it's one of the biggest-selling games in the world. Partly because some people have attached a ridiculous belief structure to the fate of the chosen athlete. And partly because, as much as people may publicly decry them, many of you love your sports games.

Realising this, EA Sports know they can squeeze a bit of mileage out of the process. Instead of naming the guy who will be on the box, they're naming nine guys on a shortlist. And revealing only four of them this week.

Cheap, we know, but in the interests of keeping sports fans in the loop, here they are:

- Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger
- Giant RB Brandon Jacobs
- Vikings RB Adrian Peterson
- Ravens FS Ed Reed

While there are still 5 names to go, my money's already on Peterson.


    I will say this. Your company said that they wanted to keep the spirit of the game in Madden and that's why EA introduced "Fair Play" in 2005. This feature takes precedence over graphics and a lot of other features. I just can't believe you've been holding out on this.

    I like millions of others sure hope that it comes back in 2010! Do a'll see!

    the cover should be Tom Brady sitting on the ground after the hit, lol.

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