Over To You: What If Miyamoto Made A Sonic Game?

Over To You: What If Miyamoto Made A Sonic Game?
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There’s a great thread over at NeoGAF right now. It asks “What franchise would you like to be given to another company?”

Some posters have combined two favourites, for example, a Miyamoto designed Sonic game or Zelda as done by Kojima Productions. Some have picked a series that needs a shake up and handed it to the developer they see best-equipped to do so, such as Naughty Dog tackling a new Legacy of Kain or Sony’s God of War team taking on Castlevania.

A few have opted for nonsense: just how badly would Sonic Team screw up Mario? And for every genius suggestion (Treasure doing the next Sonic? Yes please!) others have played it safe and boring: what’s the point in getting Team Silent to make a Resident Evil game? Or Bizarre Creations to add some kudos to Gran Turismo?

Personally, I’d love to mix things up a little. Just imagine what Tim Schafer and Double Fine could do with the Silent Hill world. How might their brand of surreal humour and wildly inventive play mechanics mix with a traditional survival horror experience?

Who would feature in your dream match-up? And what sort of twist on the franchise would you like to see them deliver?

What franchise would you like to be given to another company? [NeoGAF]


  • I’d love to participate in the NeoGAF forums. Its been practically 3 months since I signed up to NeoGAF – but i’m still not authorized to post in the forums. I understand its a special site where even game industry types get involved in the forums. But c’mon ! I consider myself well knowledged in gaming. I’ve atteneded well over 10 electronic trade shows and collect consoles, games, and memorbilia. I’m getting sick of hanging out at forums with people who are basically fanboys, racists, and newbies. I rather hang with the mature game industry types.

  • I’d like to see Epic Games take the Final Fantasy franchise and make an FF game where Clifford Bleszinski is the lead designer. How refreshing would it be to see those FF man-children grow some massive balls a la Marcus Fenix, AMIRITE!?

  • I think this is a great article. I think of Midnight Club Los Angeles meets Mario and Sonic (somehow).

    Basically, you just pair Mario AND Sonic with anything:

    Mario and Sonic meet Ratchet and Clank.

    A Warhawk universe modeled on original Sonic and Mario worlds– it would have to have totally different graphics, but OMG

  • If Peter Molyneux made a GTA game… perhaps the lead character would have a bitch accompanying him/her throughout the entire game.

  • “such as Naughty Dog tackling a new Legacy of Kain”

    Not exactly a huge leap there considering a lot of the Legacy of Kain team, including the primary story writer and producer Amy Hennig are now at Naughty Dog.

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