Painkiller Back From The Dead (Well, Purgatory)

Painkiller was released back in 2004, and... well, unless you were appreciative of its old-school charms, you'd be forgiven for having forgotten all about it. Which explains the arrival of a new Painkiller game!

Yes, while you wait for a new Serious Sam to fill the hole in the "traditional shooter" market, JoWood are hoping you'll part with some time and money for Painkiller: Resurrection, an all-new sequel/reboot for the series that again sees you caught between heaven and hell, and again condemned to spend hours engaged in fast-twitch first-person combat.

If this matters, the game is built on a tweaked version of the original engine, and unlike the first title will feature co-op play. It's due on PC at the end of the year, with the "possibility" of a 360 port to come after.

Painkiller: Resurrection Revealed [IGN]


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