Patch This Game: Far Cry 2

It's been almost seven months since Far Cry 2 hit the shelves, scoring all kinds of crazy-good reviews, but according to GamesRadar, the game is still crazy-broken.

The four page article "Warning: Far Cry 2 is still a broken game" details the chronology of the game's issues from the first reports of crashes to the promised patches in the Far Cry 2 forums. In addition to the the numerous and apologetic posts from Ubi officials in the forum threads, it also has the latest "update" on the forthcoming patch:

April 1
Community Developer Atmon did respond to a private inquiry of ours, stating
"An update is still on track with several new features and enhancements, as well as fixes like any good big patches."

It may sound like a lot of whining, but the piece does raise some good points. Why wouldn't Ubi correct game-breaking bugs within weeks of the release instead of waiting more than half a year? And why not reach out to customers with more than just a paltry price drop?

Still, I don't know that I'd go so far as to speculate that they'll charge users for the new patch:

Actually, this release leads us to think that Ubisoft may plan on charging for the update.

But what do I know? I'm the kind of sucker that would have bought the game based on the shiny reviews that don't mention the bugs.

Warning: Far Cry 2 is still a broken game [GamesRadar]


    I wont buy this game at full retail price unless they fix it's issues.

    Which is a shame, because I'm a big FarCry fan.

    Ah well, bargain bin it is...

    Far Cry2 a good game? What a waist of money I bought it on the day it was released full RRP sold it on ebay for about $50 soon after.

    Sure the graphics are nice and pretty BUT gameplay sucks waaaaayy to repetitive and predictable. On the other hand im glad I payed the full price for other games like Halo3,GTA4 and FEAR2 but FC2 didn't meet my expectations at all.

    Oh theres bugs? Seems fine to me when I played it..

    I remember bringing up these points when David Wildgoose names it his Number 1 game of 2008. I couldn't agree with him as I can't finish the game. Still can't, seven months down the track. Now it looks like the patch will only work for new save games. Which means my old save game, with all diamonds collected and at 92%, was a gigantic waste of time.

    I understand that Mr. Wildgoose had a good time with it, and that's fine. It's a matter of opinion. I, however, am part of the crowd who forked out $140.00 for the Collector's Edition, to play a game with buggy A.I., repetitive gameplay (whole checkpoints being replenished with enemies after driving a kilometre away from it? This isn't 1994. Respawning enemies are a dead idea for a reason.) and no fix a half a year later.

    I love the majority of Ubisoft games, but they really screwed me as a customer on this one.

    @Elfin Glade

    Technical issues aren't a matter of opinion, more dumb luck. My experience of Far Cry 2 was bug and glitch free. It's clear that plenty of people are suffering from the corrupted save problem that you encountered and it's very disappointing that Ubisoft has yet to offer a solution.

    (Couldn't disagree more with your opinion on the AI, repetition and respawning though!)

    Thank you for the response, Mr. Wildgoose. And that's what makes gaming so great. It's different for everyone, and games never play the same twice.

    At the risk of prattling on, I'd love to have an in-depth conversation about the A.I. of Far Cry 2. There was a part of the game where you are tasked with infiltrating an abandoned settlement, set into the side of a cliff. I approached under cover of night, with the stealth mod active, while crouching in tall grass in view of... nobody. Thus I thought that the A.I. had an unfair advantage when it began shelling me from afar, hitting my exact position every time. Other enemies became alerted to my presence as it began to rain, and I backtracked to a place of apparent safety, until I realised that the A.I. can shoot me without missing from 700 metres away with a rusty AK-47 during the middle of the night in a rain storm.

    I think it had a few issues, yes!

    Just my thoughts. Thanks for your thoughts.

    I cant finish the cockfight arena mission cause i cant open the door wich is a common problem on the forums. I asked ubi for help 3 months ago and after a lot of very basic suggestions ( which i tried for the sake of trying ) the support staff suggested waiting for the 1.03 pc patch! :( lucky fallout 3 and lots of other games kept me busy but if this next patch does not fix the game braking bug i would be interested in what my options are in terms of a refund?

    Farcry 2 as far as shooter mechanics and atmosphere go were a fantastic improvement over the original however, I couldn't help feel like they had changed what FarCry was originally about.

    I mean, yes it is a little bit less linear in that you're not just playing TimeShift-esque sequences of pre-defined action - they threw in the whole 'explore the world' option and 'find useless item x' option as part of everyday gameplay.

    For me this wore quite thin because there was nothing more I wanted to do than keep doing what I did in the first FarCry - shoot lots of bad guys.

    One can say they appreciated the game, I personally think it should have stuck to a formula like the first game, and not just trying to have GTA-IV-like 'maps' 'phones' and 'area codes'.

    I thoroughly enjoyed FarCry 2. While some of the glitches were annoying, and the lag in online play was the stupid kind (you spawn without a gun or anything, and you're pretty much just a disembodied head floating around the map that people couldn't see; great for telling my teammates where to go, though :D), apart from that, I really liked it. The storyline wasn't shallow, the characters were a bit annoying but manageable, the driving was good apart from all the guys on the road who obviously know that you aren't on their team.

    The combat was fun. Using fire and water and cover as a tactical advantage was ace. Realising how to actually use the camo suit after a few days of stupidly thinking I could still sprint through the trees was awesome.

    The open world system was an excellent idea. I must say I enjoyed that the most. The weapon system was good. The map system was sensational.

    Having to kill everyone at an outpost was annoying at the start, but it made sense. In game logic, having to kill the same dudes over and over again is annoying. In real life logic? The UFLL or APR would want those outposts manned at all times. If their guys got killed, they want replacements ASAP.

    It's a shame how so many people deemed it bad because of the traits it shares with so many other games.

    I too bought it on release day and played through it completely bug free, and have since replayed through it three times. I love the game to death, but like pretty much everyone I have the same issues with the AI and respawning, its certainly very hard to defend that. Rather I find it possible to overlook in the face of the games good points and still rate this in my top10 shooters ever made.

    As for the lack of patching, this just reminds me how unbelievably good ArenaNet are. If Guild Wars 2 does not hurry up and come out so I can lose another 3500 hours of my life in pure awesome, I am going to cry! Sadly their recent updates and expansions have killed the game for me, but Counter-Strike fixed its post 1.3 issues in my mind by releasing Source, perhaps ArenaNet will do the same with Guild Wars 2 :)

    Farcry 2 certainly is a game of divided opinions.

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