PAX 2009 Programming Details Emerge

The 2009 Penny Arcade Expo slowly begins to coalesce into an actual event, as organisers deliver details on some of the exhibitors and musical talent attending this year's show.

While many of us would attend the Penny Arcade Expo 2009 even if it were one guy in an auditorium playing Metroid music on a harmonica, it's nice to know that so far they've got much more than that planned. More than 60 exhibitors are already signed up to show their wares, including big names such as Microsoft, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Valve, and Nintendo, none of which will be bringing Fatal1ty with them.

In terms of musical entertainment, this year sees the return of Freezepop, Jonathan Coulton, MC Frontalot, Anamanaguchi and new additions in the form of, Paul and Storm and Metroid Metal, the latter of which will be offering their new album exclusively at the show.

"Every show, we try to offer gamers new content, old favourites and the best overall experience possible," said Penny Arcade's Robert Khoo. "If you really think about it, we're easily the biggest show west of the Mississippi within the continental United States that focuses on games that isn't E3 or affiliated in some way with NBC. If you've never been to PAX, 2009 is your year to come."

And if you miss that year, then definitely come in 2010. Failing that, you'll probably want to wait until 2012. We can't say why - just trust us.


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