PC Gaming Alliance Loses Activision, Picks Up… SecuROM

PC Gaming Alliance Loses Activision, Picks Up… SecuROM

If only that were a joke headline. When we told you yesterday that Activision had left the PC Gaming Alliance, we were told that other parties had at the same time signed up.

In a perfect world (at least for the PCGA), those other parties would have been prominent PC publishers. Like Valve, or maybe EA. But no. Instead, “replacing” Activision in the group’s lineup is… Sony DADC. You know. The guys who do SecuROM, the overly-restrictive piracy protection software that’s been the bane of PC gaming for a while now.

We thought this group was about highlighting the strengths of the PC market, not its flaws.

PCGA Loses Activision, Gains SecuROM [GamePolitics]


  • Funny, I’d never actually heard of this ‘alliance’ until today… and now I know that I don’t want to hear from them ever, ever again. Someone get it to the hospital to cut out that securom cancer before it ruins PC gaming completely…

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