Peter Moore Denies Cricket Game Exists; EA Can't Bowl, Can't Bat


EA Sports chief Peter Moore blogged this morning to confirm there is no "cricket game" in development. This surprised us.


    It's possible that for an established game series they can get it approved by the OFLC by simply paying the fee and telling them that it's like the previous one with a slight graphics upgrade and gameplay tweaks. It's not as if the classification for something as consistent as an EA Sports game is ever going to change.

    Cricket? How about another AFL game!

    EA still can't bowl or bat if they did make a game anyway, they've yet to surpass their Cricket 96 effort imo (which I got for free using Weetbix coupons). Codemasters have a better chance at delivering a good spin bowl

    If you have an iPhone, get 'Cricket Game' by Spinfast to deliver the goods for now

    Given the ashes series is just around the corner, it is surprising to see EA lying to us, surely, the Wii would be the perfect platform?

    Aussie board even changed Cricket 9 to Cricket 09 on request from That means it was existing.


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