Play Old Sierra Games, For Free, In Your Browser

There once was a time, before closures, before Lucasarts, when the name "Sierra" meant premium PC adventure gaming. Those days are, sadly, long gone. But they will not be forgotten!

If you head over to Sarien, you can take part in a little project that's part-game, part-museum piece, with old Sierra adventure games running in Flash on your browser. The graphics are the same, and if you want, you can use text commands, but a right-click menu system has also been introduced to speed things up a bit.

That's the game part. The museum part comes in a gallery of assets from the old games, with a wide range of things like background art available for browsing.

Interestingly, it also supports...well, multiplayer, with the internet-based nature of the games allowing users to see other gamers attempting the same puzzles as you are in real-time.

Currently three games are supported - Leisure Suit Larry 1, Police Quest 1 and Space Quest 1 - with more promised.

Sarien [via GSW]


    To this day I cant look at a glass of water when i'm really thirsty without thinking about Kings Quest V

    Was Hero's Quest from Sierra too? I can't remember.
    I do however remember playing Hero's Quest 4.
    Always had trouble getting past the wizzard.

    "Ken Sent Me"

    Would you mind putting up Laura Bow 1 and King's Quest 4 through 7? I love those games but can't get them to work on my PC. Also, can you guy's add sound to the games?

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