Play Puzzle Quest: Galactrix With The Devs

It's payback time for all that leap gate hacking, as the developers of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix take on all comers tonight on Xbox Live Arcade.

Infinite Interactive is deploying a crack team of developers to Xbox Live this evening to show players how multiplayer combat is done in the puzzling science fiction epic. Everyone from CEO Steve Fawkner (SirianKnight) to artist Rhiannon Jones (deathbyfurballs) is joining in on the fun from 5pm to 9pm Pacific time. Simply add the gamertags below to your friends list, find them online tonight, and have at them.

See if you can get into a game with DS programmer Andrew Castenmiller (Andgoo), making him wait the maximum amount of time before making all of your moves, just to show him how much fun load times are. I'd do it myself, but my 360 is currently visiting Texas.

Steve Fawkner - SirianKnight = CEO, Creative Lead (on Galactrix)
Rhiannon Jones - deathbyfurballs = Assistant Producer
Rhiannon McLachlan - ashalind = Artist
Brendan Seabrook MitfordOnline = Gameplay Programmer
Andrew Castenmiller - Andgoo = DS Programmer (on Galactrix)
Ian Gielen - Haggis McHaggis = Gameplay Programmer
Paula Nguyen - faithless01 = Assistant Producer (on Galactrix)


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