PlayStation Store Lets You Import PSP Shooters At Half The Price

The recent release of Rei Cho Aniki—a remake of the original homoerotic side-scrolling shooter for the PSP—wasn't cheap. But thanks to the PlayStation Store, cash-strapped importers can have it for a song.

As Siliconera points out today, the digital download of Rei Cho Aniki, via the Hong Kong version of the PlayStation Store, is selling the PSP game for $220 HKD (less than $30 USD). That's about half of what the retail version goes for at 6,040 yen plus import mark ups. Not a bad deal for such a niche shooter.

Setting up a new account for the Hong Kong PlayStation Store is a breeze. While I've personally done that portion of the process, I've yet to actually drop the cash. Siliconera says it can be done with any credit card—no PlayStation Store Ticket required.

This could be a good step in the right direction, bringing import-only titles that are likely never to see the light of day outside of Japan or the rest of Asia to a global audience. More digital downloads, please!

PlayStation Network Opens The Door For Downloadable PSP Imports [Siliconera]


    Slight problem; Whilst PS3 PSN downloads are region free, PSP's & PSP downloads are region locked. (well they were last time i tried to download a demo from the US store to my AU PSP)...

    Siliconera, should do their research before posting this.
    You can only use HK Credit Cards or PSN Tickets.
    It used to work but not anymore.

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