Portable NES Gets Extravagant Add-Ons

The FC Mobile, which was essentially a portable Nintendo Entertainment System, was impressive when it launched last year. Now, though, with the addition of new peripherals, it's really impressive.

The system's successor, the FC Mobile II, not only shrinks down the handheld's dimensions with a classier casing, but allows you to output its signal to a TV set. Which means it needs to come with controllers, so it's bundled with two control pads and a light gun.

The controllers are wireless, as is the light gun, and best of all the gun is fairly close match for the original NES Zapper. So you can get your Duck Hunt on (reminder: the FC Mobile is compatible with real NES carts).

It'll go on sale in May, should retail for around $US60, and comes in two colours, black and white.

fc mobile 2 the best portable nes gets a 1up


    Thank god it connects to a tv coz it'd be a little bit stupid playing Duck Hunt on that little screen.

    LOL - that would awesome to play Duck Hunt on that tiny screen XD !!!!!! All it needs now is a portable R.O.B ( or some hybrd robot buddy ). This stuff is hilarious.

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