PS3 Attach Rate Overtakes Wii Attach Rate

Matt Matthews, now at Gamasutra, is a graph fiend. If it's displayed as bars and/or pies, he's all over it. And he's all over some new NPD data, showing an improvement in PS3 attach rates.

The attach rate (also known as the "Tie Ratio") is basically the ratio of games to consoles in the market. So if, say, the Xbox 360 has an attach rate of 7.5, that means the average Xbox 360 owner has 7.5 games. With us?

OK. Matthews has gotten hold of new info from chart trackers The NPD Group, which reveals that the PlayStation 3 has just overtaken the Wii in terms of tie ratio. While the Wii had led the PS3 since both consoles launched, this lovely chart shows that, in the last six or so months, the PS3's attach rate has improved.

There are all kinds of reasons for this. Big Wii sales means new customers are affecting the average by owning only a handful of games. Slowing PS3 sales mean the opposite; that an established install base is just adding to their collection.

But still! Point is, if somebody pulls you up in the street, sticks a microphone in your face and asks - for $US100 IN CASH - which console has a higher attach rate out of the PS3 and Wii, well, you'll be sorted.

Exclusive Analysis: Console Tie Ratios Reveal Market Dynamics [Gamasutra]


    How does fapping on about how many games u guys have fit the topic?
    PS3 is awesome but so 2007.
    Xbox is a PC for poor people.
    and a Wii is for children.

    What is your point Adrian?
    & please explain why the Xbox is a PC for poor people?
    A PC is a Mac for poor people then.

    The attach rate means very little when your console only sells half the amount of the leader. Sony would need an attach rate of of about 12.5 just to equal Nintendo's game sales. As you can see Nintendo has managed to way outsell the competition in overall title sales pretty much since launch even with the lowest attach rate.

    Nintendo 346,476,129 Tie ratio: 6.30

    Microsoft 265,986,561 Tie ratio: 8.11

    Sony 162,955,852 Tie Ratio: 6.33

    This information can be found besides the "Software Totals" Pie chart at the following link. Note the above information is current as of the date of this post.

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