Punch-Out!! Multiplayer Has You Seeing Double

It's Little Mac versus differently-coloured Little Mac in these multiplayer screenshots from Punch-Out!! for the Nintendo Wii.

It boggles the mind that in a game with such a great cast of characters, multiplayer is limited to a split-screen battle with Little Mac versus another Little Mac. Nintendo tries to mix things up by making one player transform into Giga Mac when his power bar or whatever fills up, but all in all it looks like a multiplayer mode that's barely more entertaining that Wii Sports Boxing.

For screenies, click here.


    To all those hating on Nintendo for this decision (including the original story poster Mike Fahey) - did you guys even stop to think about this?

    Each and every character in Punch-Out!!! - besides the main player character of course, have specific strengths and abilities to use against the player that wouldn't make any sense whatsoever in multiplayer. Furthermore it would be a balance nightmare - some characters are immune to certain attacks for example while others excel at certain attacks - so what happens when a character with a specific strength comes against a character that's immune to that strength?

    But I hear you ask: "Well those characters don't need those strengths, just make them like the player character" - if all you want is a simple pallette swap, you need to wonder why and whether it's really worth it.

    Someone else also mentioned the size issue - some characters are huge...some are not so huge. Even with your character being partly transparant, it's gonna be really hard to see the opponent if you've selected a big character and they have a small one.

    As for the comment my Mr Fahey about being "barely more entertaining than Wii boxing" - I can guarantee you that if the game plays anything like the classic Punch-Out games it's going to have about 100 times more depth than Wii boxing. You'll have specific high and low attacks, you'll have power attacks and rapid attacks, you'll need to dodge, you'll need to block, you'll need to use STRATEGY. Wii boxing is just wave the wiimote and nunchuck like an idiot and hope you hit something.

    Think before posting.

    There's the Snes Boxer and Arcade boxer. To just recolor Mac shows laziness.

    The whole point of Punch out is to face monsterous giants with a lot of personality. Fighting a clone of yourself without a name or personality really decreases the fun value.

    I mean how much fun would Mike Tyson's Punch Out if all your opponents had a generic appearance and no personality?

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