Quick, Someone Go Squat on MadMenTheGame.Com

Trademark filings are sort of like optioning a book to Hollywood - the deal's been done, but it doesn't mean the movie/game will come to pass. Let's hope it stays that way for "Mad Men."

The trademark for Mad Men, yet another Critically Acclaimed Drama on Cable TV that I've yet to watch, has been registered by Lionsgate. Joystiq's take on it, like Occam's Razor, is the simplest explanation and most plausible: that even if this gets made, it'll probably be "some cheap casual game" (I'd be thinking mobile) developed as a marketing cash-in.

Why Mad Men, though? Why not Eastbound and Down? It could be the baseball equivalent of Blitz: The League, just replace the testicle-smashing with coke-snorting, trailer-trash nailing minigames.

Mad Men the Video Game is Trademarked [Joystiq]


    Just imagine the kind of game we could have! I'm thinking a Fahrenheit esque game where you have to punch buttons to do everyday things. PRESS X TO GIVE REPORT TO CLIENT!!! SWING STICK TO SMOKE CIGARETTE!!! FOLLOW BUTTON SEQUENCE TO HAVE AN AFFAIR!!!
    It'll be awesome.

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