Quiz Show Has-Beens Play BUZZ; Larry Emdur Not Invited

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'Baby' John Burgess, Greg 'Perfect Match' Evans and Ian 'Turps' Turpie are trying to resurrect their careers as a boy band. No, wait... that's not right.

Where did I put that press release?

Oh, here we are.

Sony Australia bought together the "Quiz Master Legends" in Sydney this morning to promote the release of BUZZ! Brain Of Oz. Apparently Greg Evans won, but, frankly, who cares.

The real question is where the hell was Larry Emdur? Or Rob Brough?! Tony motherf-ing Barber?!? They're your real Quiz Master Legends, thank you very much.



    Oh wait no Larry. FAIL

    Not to mention Glenn Ridge! What a rip!

    Personally I would've liked to have seen the battle of the quiz show assistant ladies. Adriana Xenides vs. Jo Bailey vs. Lavinia Nixon. Now there's a showdown...

    Tony Barber would've outshone the others so badly that it was probably safer if he wasn't there.

    No Andrew o Kieefe = FAIL

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