R18+ Discussion Paper To Be Released “Shortly”

R18+ Discussion Paper To Be Released “Shortly”

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Gamespot is reporting that the long-awaited discussion paper on the introduction of an R category for video games in Australia will be released soon. But it’s not all good news.

The paper, first proposed a year ago and drafted by the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General, is intended to encourage public debate and consultation on the issue of an R18+ classification for video games. However, it’s been a rocky road as seemingly intractable disagreements over its content have threatened to derail the process.

First, South Australian Attorney-General, staunch R18+ opponent and occasional Kotaku contributor Michael Atkinson was accused of deliberately stalling by refusing to supply his feedback on the initial draft.

Then, in a letter to Kotaku, Atkinson hit back, claiming it was his opponents that were responsible for the delays.

Now, as reported on Gamespot, the Federal government has stepped in to end the feud. The paper will instead be released “shortly” by the office of the Commonwealth Minister of Home Affairs, Bob Debus.

While the start of the period of public consultation is good news, the fact our censorship ministers are unable to reach agreement on the paper bodes very poorly for them being able to agree upon the merits of an R18+ rating.

Aussie R18+ video game debate to be opened to public [Gamespot]


  • This is such a no brainer. Creating an R18+ rating keeps adult games away from 15 year olds while keeping sales revenue in Australia. Unless of course they want us to keep importing.

  • About time someone stepped in and stopped this absurd delay in discussion. Now we can get some progress done

  • @Ryan…

    Dude, there were so very few games that were ultimately ‘restricted’ from AU. Mostly games that are RS anyway. Sure, GTA IV missed out on blood pooling, bloody foot prints, blood-stained clothing and coping a fluffin’ uninhibited? BJ from a fat pro, but really…It’s not such a big deal. And seriously, SOF II ___Dark Sector__some NecromophicxXxx game on the PC?! Whatever….

    Having said that, you’re right…get with the program Australia and get in-line with the rest of the world. Why not, right?

  • @HotDamn!

    Any sane person would also call for many MA15+ titles to be reclassified as R18+, like Fallout 3 and Dead Space. I certainly would.

  • I am getting really fed up with this whole thing. They say that a discussion paper will be released “soon”. They said that a year ago and nothing has happened!

    The only thing that’s happened is gamers and Mr Atkinson exchanging written arguments at each other; all of which does nothing in the long term.

    It’s come to the point where I’d just want to give up this stupid fight and focus on something more important at hand, like the global financial crisis and it’s impact on Australia.

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