Raven Software Gushes Over Wolverine

While the second behind-the-scenes clips for X-Men Origins: Wolverine does include some nifty bits about sound design and camera work, for the most part it's just the team at Raven using complimentary adjectives.

According to Raven, Wolverine will be fast, furious, unleashed, and the game that everyone is pining for. It's like no Wolverine game you've ever seen. They are pushing the envelope, capturing Wolverine's essence, bringing their ideas to the table to create a synergy that allows you to be Wolverine.

Yes, it's chock full of buzzwords and self-praise, but it's the last line that truly stands out. "Every other game is like...some pansy." If that doesn't make it onto the back of the box, I'm going to cry.


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