Real BioShock 2 Dolly Is Far From Cuddly

Reader Nathan likes BioShock. Likes BioShock and is good with his hands. So, inspired by the little Big Daddy dollies in the BioShock 2 teaser, Nathan got to work.

And this is the end result. If we hadn't told you this was made by a reader, we could have told you it was on sale at 2K's online store for $29 and you would have believed us, such is the craftsmanship on show.

Nice work, Nathan!


    Ey guys, i'm the creator of the big daddy dolly, if you don't believe me go to to see another angle of the toy kotaku didn't put up.
    i can't believe the feed back i'm getting from this, at the moment, this one is not for sale. But!! i'm thinking of making a few more to send out to the world.
    I'm so excited this got onto kotaku!! thanks guys!

    to be honest, it doesnt look real, looks kinda like the handywork of a skilled modeler and 3ds max

    but if you say so, then good work nathen

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