Red Faction: Guerrilla Gives Us The Bird

From April Fool's prank to reality, Volition announces that the fabled Ostrich Hammer will indeed be available as an unlockable in Red Faction: Guerrilla.

In what some are calling the winning video game 'prank' of April Fool's Day 2009, Volition released a hilarious video on Wednesday revealing the Ostrich Hammer, a brilliant response to NeoGAF comments regarding an early batch of Red Faction: Guerrilla screenshots. Brimming with excellent comic timing and one of the best beards ever, the video caused many of our commentors to declare the game a day one buy, as long as the Ostrich Hammer was included. Volition is going to be holding you to that.

The team had already created the Ostrich Hammer for the game, and the April Fool's video was their way of announcing it to the world. The Ostrich Hammer will be one of many multiplayer hammer unlocks available when the game ships this June. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to get birdf***ed.

"We're Giving Them The Bird!" [Red Faction: Guerrilla]


    I gotta say I think I much prefered "Technical Fowl" to any of the other suggestions.

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