Religious Groups Get Around To Being Offended By Faith Fighter

Last year, the Italian team of artists, designers and programmers known as Molleindustria released Faith Fighter, a 2D Flash-based brawler that pit God against Buddha, Jesus against Muhammed. Obviously, this upset some people.

But not right away, as the Metro UK reveals that religious types of all faiths are fuming over the web game. While Molleindustria says on its web site that Faith Fighter is "not intended to be offensive to any religion in particular," but instead to "push gamers to reflect on how the religions and sacred representations are often instrumentally used to fuel or justify conflicts between nations and people" others strong disagree.

"This game is going out of its way to upset people and I think it should be taken off the internet," said Douglas Miller, pastor of the Link Church in Birmingham, according to Metro's report.

Calls to ban online game of Holy hatred [Metro UK via GamePolitics]


    "This game is going out of its way to upset people and I think it should be taken off the internet"

    Oh noes, my religion is being criticised! The game is obviously controversial, but that doesn't stop the message behind it from being valid. Religious websites "offend" me as an anti theist but that hardly makes me want to take them off the internet.

    Religion is the only aspect of our society that gets a free pass out of criticism in public discourse by claiming the hurt feelings card. It needs to stop. If you believe in this sort of thing you should be able to laugh at it and shrug it off. Religious types need to encourage criticism and a wider range of thought, not shut themselves off for fear of exposing themselves to a less comforting truth about life.

      So true. you cant laugh at one thing and then say NOOOOOOO to anouther thing and always say your right. my rule. everything is funny or nouthing is.

    Please keep in mind here:
    Metro UK is one of those newspapers you get in the tube, much like Sydney's MX you get in the train.
    It's also a paper, which usually gets its source information from newspapers like 'The Sun' & 'Daily Mirror', who have 97% cheap entertainment columns (fake ones), and maybe 3% real news. ;)

    I'd be supprized if you had a lot of Buddhist complain??

    Although I’m not Shaolin Buddhist I still think I would have gotten a kick out of the game ;)

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