Report: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Sales Are Awful

Fans of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars might want to set aside hopes for a sequel. It appears that Rockstar Games' gamble on the Nintendo DS didn't equate to blockbuster success, as initial sales... suck.

According to a report from Silicon Alley Insider, there's a very good reason that Chinatown Wars didn't crack the top ten. While analyst estimates on first month sales ranged from a conservative 200,000 to a more hopeful 450,000, actual sales look to have come in under 90,000. With almost three weeks worth of sales accounted for, that's not what we'd call encouraging.

When compared to the most recent release, Grand Theft Auto IV, it's downright dismal. GTA IV moved over 2.8 million copies in its first month, when the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game launched last April.

We'd say that doesn't bode well for Mature-rated games on Nintendo's portable platform.

According to SIA, Take-Two sounds hopeful that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will continue to sell, pointing out that March was not a stellar month for the industry.

Take-Two's 'Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars' Bellyflops [Silicon Alley Insider]


    GTA:CW is hands down the best game I own on the DS. Great graphics, awesome gameplay and superb replayability... it also just feels *right*. The pace of the action and the length of the missions, everythign is *just right* on the DS...

    But GTA is a franchise that instantly gets the recognition of gamers not casuals and by FAR the most DS units belong to casuals. I think most people confuse "Casual Gamers" to mean people that play light hearted games like sims instead of the real meaning "People that know jack about games and have 1-2 games they've picked up that they play".
    2 of my friends mums have DS's which they use to play crosswords and sudoko... whats the chance they've even heard of GTA4 let alone GTA:CW? :P

    A high install base doesn't mean you can apply the sales pattern of PS3/360/PSP to DS + Wiinumbers as expectations.

    It's not selling well because every man and their dog with a DS nowadays, has a R4 or similar flashcard!

    It's a shame, because I absolutely love this game and think it's the best on the DS, the amount of realism to GTA IV they managed to keep is amazing.

    But, when people can get a 100mb file in 10 seconds, for free, why would they shell out $60 for the game?

    ben is on the money. CW's target market is also the R4-owning game-pirating market. i know of plenty more people who have pirated this game than bought it.

    If it had've come out before GTA4, I would've bought it in a heartbeat. After that game, though, I don't want to play a GTA game again... especially after having played the wonderous joy that is Saints Row.

    Yeah, I agree the M3 real and any other R4 spin offs are the culprit for low sales. People won't buy something that’s free and easy to obtain and the rom was hacked and available a week before official launch.

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