Robocalypse Applies Beaver Defence To WiiWare

Robocalypse Applies Beaver Defence To WiiWare

The one thing missing from last year’s Nintendo DS strategy title Robocalypse had to be an evil beaver. Developer Vogster rectifies this oversight with Robocalypse: Beaver Defence, a tower defence title coming to WiiWare.

While the gameplay was okay, the truly unique humour of the title made it stand out, and the franchise’s WiiWare outing should follow suit, with the return of writing team supreme Jay Lender and Micah Wright. This time around the game is tower defence, with upgradeable skills, weapons, hero units and defenses aiding the player as waves of enemies rush his or her headquarters.

“We are excited to deliver Robocalypse – Beaver Defence as a convenient and accessible WiiWare download,” said Alan Martin, Producer at Vogster Entertainment. “Written by Jay Lender (SpongeBob Squarepants) and Micah Wright, the story is hilarious and offers a fitting back drop for this fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek game where the player must thwart the plans of a maniacal beaver.”

I do believe I have spent my entire life waiting for my chance to thwart a maniacal beaver. I can probably hold out until the game hits WiiWare this summer, but only just.

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