Rock Band Gets A Kick In The Shins

Harmonix is padding next week's Rock Band Toby Keith release with music from The Shins, Black Tide, and Bullet for my Valentine in order to please the few of you who don't appreciate country music.

I know it's hard to comprehend that any gamer out there wouldn't be overjoyed with the Toby Keith Six Pack being released for Rock Band next week, but apparently such gamers indeed exist. Harmonix has decided to through this odd minority a bone, with the debut of The Shins and Bullet for my Valentine music in the Rock Band store, along with another track from heavy metal band Black Tide.

The Shins make their Rock Band Music Store debut with "New Slang", from 2001's Oh, Inverted World, while Bullet for my Valentine premiers with "Waking the Demon" from Scream Aim Fire. Meanwhile, Black Tide brings "Warriors of Time" to the party, from their 2008 debut album Light from Above.

So there you go, country music haters. Actual rock music for your Rock Band game. Boo on Harmonix for catering to a demographic that's as small as people who just don't get sarcasm.


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