Rumour: Blizzard Takes On Redneck Rampage?

"Published reports" (i.e. don't blame me) say Blizzard's got the Redneck Rampage brand now. Someone should tell Blizz there's already a redneck MMO out there - it's called "Mississippi."

IncGamers, checking up on some trademark notices, found that ones for the three Redneck Rampage properties (that would be, of course, Redneck Rampage from 1997, Redneck Rampage Rides Again from 1998, and Redneck Rampage Suckin' Grits on Route 66, also from 1998) are now listed under Blizzard control.

Sounds like a departure from Blizzard's bread-and-butter game catalog, like World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, etc. While the Redneck Rampage IP can be traced back through a series of Activision acquisitions, and of course Activision and Blizzard merged last year, the two still remain separate entities. IncGamers also looked around and found that some Blizzard folks also worked on the original Redneck Rampage.

OH, BUT WHAT COULD THIS MEAN? Whatever it is, it's probably not as funny as what we want it to be.

Blizzard Working on New Redneck Rampage Shooter? [IncGamers]


    The Lost Viking initially sounds like a very bad game idea. But a dozen years passed (ok, maybe more than that), and I still love the game.

    Bliz has the strangest way of making the quirkiest idea works. And frankly, seeing a game called Redneck Rampage done well..oh yeah, THAT'd be epic.

    Be sure to censor that alcohol bar in the new game blizzard. Mr.Atkinson wouldn't want to encourage binge drinking and drunken killing sprees.

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