Saints Row 2 Gets Tera Patrick, Extra Hair

Saints Row 2 Gets Tera Patrick, Extra Hair

You know that “adult actress” Tera Patrick is in the Saints Row 2 Ultor Exposed DLC released today. But did you know it also features that face fungus of Australian men?

THQ and Saints Row 2 sponsored last year’s Movember charity, raising money to help the search for a cure for prostate cancer and male depression. The so-called “Men of Movember” have now had their rampant soup strainers immortalised in game form.

Who wouldn’t want to look like Mr Perth here?

Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed is available now for 800 Microsoft Points or AU$14.54 on PSN.


  • I bought it last night, I LOVE the new Stallion car, it’s just too fun hooning around Stillwater in an oldschool F1 car wearing a hot dog costume.

    I’ve only played the first of the story missions, it’s ok. I don’t know who the woman is so I don’t really care either way. Her voice acting isn’t that great…

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