See The Future With New Fable II DLC In May

The future of the Fable franchise is teased next month in See the Future, the second round of downloable content for Fable II.

New creatures, new quests, new events, and legendary artifacts will be yours to discover this May in the See the Future DLC for Fable II. Transform your canine companion into new breeds using potions from the mysterious huxter Murgo, uncover the secret behind a city trapped in a snow globe, or dress up as a hobbe or balverine to help a cursed knight escape his fate, all in pursuit of the ultimate reward: a quest that gives players a glimpse of the future of the world of Albion and your heroic bloodline.

All of that, plus new clothes, new hairstyles, jester make-up, a new hero expression, and a new trick for your old dog, all at the low price of 560 Microsoft points. Check out the screens below for a glimpse of what the future holds.

fable 2 screen 20090407 1.jpg

fable 2 screen 20090407 2.jpg

Fable II - See The Future
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    You think there will be new achievements for it? and do you reckon its gonna total to the gamerscore to 1250?

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