Sega Once Again Considering Changes To Business Operations

For the third time this decade, Sega have announced that they are considering making big changes to the way the company is structured.

The first of these was in 2001, when Sega pulled out of the hardware business. The second was in 2004, when Sammy took over the company and Sega's many satellite studios were rolled back into the mothership.

Now a third looks possible, as declining sales and a tough business climate in Japan have led the company to call for greater "integration" between Sega's Japanese development teams and those in the West.

Speaking at a recent conference in Japan, Sega's Takayuki Kawagoe said "We need more integration so projects and initiatives on both sides can benefit from everyone's experience and expertise".

That's cool. That's what Sega need. Know what we need? We need an English-language version of Ryu ga Gotoku 3.

Sega Rethinking Global Management Structure [Edge]


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