Sega Bringing More Actual Arcade Games To Xbox Live Arcade

The current XBLA offerings from Sega include, for the most part, games from the Sega Genesis era. Things like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Ecco the Dolphin and Golden Axe. Thankfully, that's changing.

While the publisher is also bringing games like Virtual On Oratorio Tangram from arcades to home, it's also digging in a little deeper, apparently. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board has new ratings and descriptions for Shinobi and Altered Beast, which appear to be the System 16 arcade hardware versions.

Screens for those titles had leaked previously, as part of the rumoured "Sega Vintage Collection Vol. 2" series, but ESRB ratings are a very good indication that we'll be seeing them... and hopefully soon. Other titles rumoured to appear as XBLA releases include Genesis games Comix Zone, Sonic 3, GunStar Heroes, and Phantasy Star II.

If you can't wait for the arcade re-release of Shinobi, it's also available on Sega's excellent Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Likely a better deal for die hard Sega fans.

Let's hope these wise decisions continue, ultimately resulting in more Dreamcast era and 16-bit arcade titles getting broader exposure. Any requests?


    Any requests?? *breathes in*

    Crazy Taxi
    Virtua Tennis (the first one)
    Sega Rally
    Scud Race
    Sports Jam
    Virtua Golf
    Virtua Basketball
    Virtua Striker 98
    After Burner
    Hang On!
    Enduro Racer
    Die Hard Arcade
    Dynamite Cop
    Fantasy Zone
    My Hero (technically not Sega, but who cares)
    Confidential Mission
    The House of the Dead
    King of Route 66
    Virtua Racing

    And I'd love to see home console versions of the following announced:
    The House of the Head 4
    Jambo! Safari
    Prehistoric (or is it Primeval?) Hunter

    This list above is the reason I love SEGA.... but seriously guys, sto rehashing the same games.

    PS - I know I have missed a heap of games. Help me out people.

    damn straight, bring on scud race!!!!

    Nice list Dans, dunno what I can add to that other than the obvious:

    Bonanza Bros
    Crack Down
    Frogger (do Konami have the licence or Sega at the moment? I know Sega made this and Pengo, but Konami distributed them, then made sequels to them...)
    Monaco GP (yeah, the original one, not Super!)
    Power Drift (wouldn't be the same without the awesome hydraulic cabinet, but...)
    Space Harrier
    Super Hang On

    Shame there's no way to really implement Top Skater that I can think of or that'd be on my list. Fantasy Zone is on the Sega Megadrive Collection though, as are a few other arcade games - Altered Beast is all I remember, and Flicky isn't much different to the original.

    What was that weird FPS thing they made around 2000 or so on Naomi hardware I think? Outrigger? That was pretty cool, I'd definitely like to see that.

    Quite a few I listed are System 16 though so they're realistic.

    Nice amendments Gurt - and yes Outriggers is the game you are thinking of (although I thought it was 3rd person?)

    Ahhh.. and you listed Decathlete! What about Winter Heat? LOL I remember running that cartridge at the Northland Playtime on a 50" screen a few years ago and it made good money!

    And yes thumbs up to Top Skater - the only G-rated arcade game to have an f-word

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