Sega Looking Into Virtual On Twinsticks For Xbox 360?

The dream of playing Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram for the Xbox 360 as it was intended, with arcade-style twin sticks, may become a reality. While it still sounds unlikely, someone at Sega is exploring it.

That's according to a post from the developers of the Xbox Live Arcade version of Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram, by way of Siliconera, who indicate that a prototype version of the twin stick controller compatible with the Xbox 360 exists. Will it come to market? We really don't know, but we're going to bug Sega about it.

Sega had previously released twin stick controllers for the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast alongside Virtual On games for each console. It did not ship a controller for the PlayStation 2 release of Virtual On Marz.

We'd think that voicing your support of such a thing in the comments, also noting how you'd pay almost any price to get such an accessory, would be worth your valuable commenting time. You never know who's listening...

Sega Examining Xbox 360 Virtual On Twin Sticks [Siliconera]


    Dear GOD I would pay OBSCENE amounts for one of those.

    Hell yeah. I would pay about $200, if not more, to get one..... I so miss playing Virtual On in an arcade :(

    $200 AU with a download code for the game, that's my limit. Knowing that we will also be seeing a current gen remake would help too.

    WHOA! 200 quids?
    Seeing as how the flightstick for AC6 was only 150 USD, which included a copy of a CURRENT GEN game (and faceplate ^^) I would say 100 AUD for a controller pack for a XLA game sounds fair to me.

    I'd pay ANYTHING for the twinsticks. I don't even have a 360, but I'm willing to buy the 360, VOOT and the twinsticks for an UNGOLDY amount of money. Here's hoping (though my wallet says otherwise) it comes out in AUS ASAP.

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