Shadowbane Goes Into The Shadows

After a successful six-year run, MMORPG Shadowbane will shut down on May 1 according to publisher Ubisoft.

Shadowbane is known to MMO devotees as a bastion of player-versus-player gameplay. I seem to remember sieges also being a big draw to bloodthirsty gamers. Ubisoft bought the game's developer, Wolfpack Studios, back in 2004 and closed the studio two years later - making Shadowbane a free-to-play game thereafter.

Here's part of the blurb posted to the game's site by Ubisoft:

We come to you now with regret and sadness, but also happiness and pride.. Regret and sadness that it has finally come to this, and as of May 1, 2009 the Shadowbane servers will be powered down once and for all. Yet happiness that it lasted so very long, and pride to be able to stand before such a passionate community to thank you for your undying support and unwavering loyalty to Shadowbane.

MMORPG Shadowbane to Shutter After Six Years [Gamasutra]


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