Silent Hill Movie Sequel Will Be Sans Gans

Silent Hill Movie Sequel Will Be Sans Gans

Despite the first Silent Hill movie being, well, underwhelming for many, it obviously made enough money for a sequel. A sequel that will be made without original director Christophe Gans.

Speaking with film site Bloody Disgusting, actor Radha Mitchell – who starred in the first film – said “I don’t think Christophe is attached. [That]is a shame because he’s a nutter but he’s so passionate about the game. I think he should do it if they do it again.”

No, Radha, nobody should do that movie again.

Radha Mitchell on ‘Silent Hill’ Sequel [Bloody Disgusting]


  • I thought the movie was enjoyable enough. Just didn’t like generic “Lets explain everything” ending.

    Personally, (this may sound silly) I think that the perfect medium for a silent hill story would be on stage. Imagine cirque du soleil doing something Silent hill themed. Hottish bendy chicks in deformed looking costumes. That’ll mess you up.

  • I liked it and am happy to hear of a follow up. I hope 2 is closer in feel though and… well has a better ending. I also hope they keep Uwe away from the project!

  • “No, Radha, nobody should do that movie again.”

    Good call. After all, making a movie twice would be silly. Luckily, Radha Mitchell was talking about a sequel, not a remake.

    Admittedly, the Silent Hill film was made for its fans (though some of these SO CALLED fans didn’t care for it, and should probably be poked with sharp sticks repeatedly until they see the folly of their ways), and the “‘Lets explain everything’ ending” was primarily for those that were not familiar with the game(s). There is a lot of back story that would have become rather confused had they tried to reveal it in bits throughout the movie… simply too much information. Ultimately, Silent Hill was wholly creepy, disturbing, a bit graphic (okay a lot graphic, at times), and I feel it did the series justice… FAR more than any other video-game-to-film adaptation to date.

    Personally, I was saddened to hear that Gans, and thus Avery, won’t be involved. Assuming SH2 ever actually comes to light, and it gets the Hollywood treatment complete with full body cash massage, those that shunned the first will BEG for its return when they realize what a piece of crap the sequel turned out to be.

  • I hope its based on Silent Hill 4-at least that way they won’t ruin the original storyline anymore. The plot that applies to SH1 and SH3.

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