Snowbound Mini Ninja Screens

A ninja is at home in any environment, as evidenced by these frosty screens for Eidos' Mini Ninjas for the Nintendo Wii, DS, and Xbox 360.

The screens truly show the full range of Mini Ninjas, both graphically and size-wise. Mini Ninja Hiro and his companions, the giant Futo and the musical female ninjette Suzume, take on minions of the evil Warlord in a snowy valley in between conferences with the birdlike Tengu and the odd bit of sledding.

The first four screens below are from the 360 version, the last two from the Wii.

mini ninjas 20090409 2.jpg

mini ninjas 20090409 3.jpg

mini ninjas 20090409 1.jpg

mini ninjas 20090409 6.jpg

mini ninjas 20090409 4.jpg

mini ninjas 20090409 5.jpg


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