So, How Much Do Game Developers Make?

Game Developer magazine have released the results of their patented "Game Developer Salary Survey", which gives us an insight into just how much the average games developer gets paid.

And the findings reveal that, provided a dev still has a job, most positions in the field pay quite handsomely. According to the survey, the average salaries are:

Programmers: $US85,024 Artists: $US69,532 Game Designers: $US67,379 Producers: $US82,905 Quality Assurance: $US39,571 Audio: $US78,167 Business & Marketing: $US102,143

Note that these are the average numbers, and vary according to factors such as experience.

2008 Game Developer Salary Survey Reveals $US79,000 Average Income [Gamasutra]


    Haha, I can tell you from personal experience that one should not enter the games industry (in Australia anyway) expecting to get money like that.

    And if you do, I'm being horribly under-paid.

      You are being horribly underpaid, but don't worry - so are the rest of us.

      So how much would a Game Designer get a year in Australian currency then

    stupid ass business & marketing making the most robert de niro.

    i hate the thought of those guys.

    Actually, some of us aren't being underpaid. Not every Australian studio is doing it tough.

    thank God i'm not in game development!!! LOL
    those salaries are good. but, considering the amount of study and experience you need i really thought there would be heaps more money in it. i never went to uni or did any other studying. i didnt even finish high school and i'm on the AU equivalent of a programmer and have the ability to earn 5X what they do in Business & Marketing if i were to stick it out and move up the ladder. And no i'm not a tradie.

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