So, How Many PS3 Games Are Any Good?

Picture the scene: your mum walks into GameStop. She walks to the PlayStation 3 section, and picks out a game for your birthday. At random. What are the odds she picks a good one?

Let's find out! Just like they did for Xbox 360 games, market research firm EEDAR have tracked every PS3 game's Metacritic score and found how much of the system's catalogue has been a hit with critics, and how much of it hasn't.

While 13% of 360 games earned review averages of 85 or higher, 17% of PS3 games achieved the same feat. At the other end of the scale, 30% of PS3 games scored 65 or lower, leaving 53% of PS3 games in that fuzzy, "kinda OK" average review score range of 66-84.

So! Just like the 360, then, the odds are good she'll get you something... decent.

Games At-a-Glance: PS3 Quality [Edge]


    Whats the game you have beside Uncharted?

    That would be Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.

    That's Gundam from the Dynasty Warriors series I presume. Never played it but I'm pretty sure it is Dynasty Warriors: Gundam given that I can just imagine all those robots being replaced by privates and sergeant fodder.

    @ Indigo_Dingo: Looks like Dyanasty Warriors: Gundam.

    The game shown beside Uncharted is Dynasty Warriors: Gundam (not sure if it is the first or second game though, sorry). Cheers! ^^

    its Dynasty Warriors Gundam.

    Lucky five of you told him it was Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. Otherwise he might not have understood.

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