SOE Delivers More DC Universe Doomsday

Announcing the appearance of Superman killer Doomsday once apparently wasn't enough for Sony Online Entertainment, who today deliver new screenshots and renders of everyone's favourite Kryptonian mutant in DC Universe Online.

I'm not sure why they didn't just release this artwork along with the video they passed along back in February, which got the comic book fan inside me more than a little excited. Perhaps the new release is in response to Doomsday's ridiculous appearance on Smallville. In the teen TV drama the incredibly powerful villain has been reduced to a guy living in Chloe's basement, feeding his murderous rage with the random thugs who show up to take out Clark Kent's gal pal when they conveniently stand too close to the basement door. The poor guy can't even dispose of his own bodies, requiring the plucky ex-reporter haul out bloody bags of trash to the dumpster.

I suppose when you're filled to the brim with Superman killing power you're somehwhat above doing the chores.


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