Sony Ditches UMD, Classic Titles To See Digital Re-Release

Sony's rumoured plans for a new PSP—supposedly dubbed the PSP Go!—may also usher in a new wave of games becoming digital downloads for the device. That includes, allegedly, the long-awaited arrival of Gran Turismo Mobile.

No. Really. According to 1UP's report on the oft-rumored PSP-4000/PSP Go!, Sony will be releasing about 100 new and classic PSP games in downloadable form on the PlayStation Store when the new PSP launches. 1UP even writes that Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo Mobile is "said to be one of the premier launch titles."

Announced in 2004, there's been little mention of the portable racing simulator, with Polyphony boss Kazunori Yamauchi saying the title was still "moving forward" last November.

With two alleged storage options available (8GB and 16GB), future PSP owners may have to budget their internal storage space wisely, unless Sony has something clever planned for managing all those downloads.

1UP says it expects Sony to announce the new hardware at E3, just mere weeks away. Keep an eye peeled.

New PSP Named And Coming This Fall [1UP]


    Unless they offer some sort of way for people who've already bought the UMDs of games to put it on this new PSP, it's a nice big slap in the face of those of us who've supported this device since the beginning...


      The other story on the new PSP made mention of some kind of in-store "kiosk" that would allow you to rip UMD games to a storage device (presumably your new PSP).

      You'd assume they'd enable you to purchase new games through this kiosk thing as well - they wouldn't want to cut out the retail side completely just yet. Just like the manufacturers, the retailers make a lot more on games than they do on hardware. If they're no longer able to sell games, Sony might find a lot of them are also unwilling to sell the hardware.

      It would, however, kick the 2nd hand game market firmly in the nuts.

    it would be good if you had a ps3 if you could store your games on that and swap when needed via wifi considering the limited internal memory

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