Sony: PS3 Will Dominate In 3~5 Years

Sony: PS3 Will Dominate In 3~5 Years

Is this the year the PS3 takes the top spot? Or is it next year? While the pundits gaze into their crystal balls, soon-to-retire Sony exec David Reeves thinks he’s got the answer.

“I don’t think it will be next year, but in three to five years it will become dominant on the market,” Reeves told industry site GamesIndustry. “The legacy will be that people will see a tortoise and hare situation. In a way, in the end it will be a dead heat. People will say PS3 took a while to get going but it really caught up very quickly and confounded many of the critics from the first year.”

So David Reeves thinks that the PS3 will be dominate in 2012 or 2014. Meaning? Meaning by Reeves most liberal estimate, it could take the PS3 almost eight years to become dominate in the market — leaving the console with a little over two years left in its proposed ten year life-span to rule the roost.

Shame because David Reeves is retiring tomorrow. He has been the gift that keeps on giving.

PS3 to be dominant in 3 – 5 years, says Reeves [GamesImdustry]


  • I think this is absolute garbage. The only way the PS3 is gonna last 10 years is if they keep on selling it and making games for it after they bring out the PS4. Similar to what they’re doing now with the PS2 and PS3 and if that’s the case it will NOT be dominating.

    I fully expect the XBox 720 (or whatever the hell it is they’re gonna call it) to be released by the end of 2011 if not earlier. So if that happens the XBox 720 will be 1 – 3 years into it’s life span and could have had a price drop by the time Sony expect the PS3 to hit it’s prime. So the technically inferior PS3 will have to compete with a newer Technically superior system that has a similar price. Even the successor to the Wii should be out by then, so Sony may have the most technically inferior system on the market. Sony better have some killer games lined up for between 2012 and 2014 or plan on releasing the PS4 or they absolutely have no chance of dominating the market.

    Before everyone starts attacking me I’m NOT a 360 fanboy I have a 360, a Wii, a PS3 and a PC. and I enjoy them all.

    • There is simply no way the ps3 is NOT going to last its intended 10 years. So far Sony has shown that quite obviously they have a different product life cycle to Microsoft and Nintendo. Remember the phase when the 360 was competing with the ps2 not the ps3? A new 360/whatever else in the next few years is going to have minimal ‘technical’ gains over the ps3 to really matter, it would be more a matter of drive. The ps2 is still doing extremely well 10 years on What does ‘Dominating’ mean? By my books it doesn’t mean ‘which console has the koolest shiniest new game’ it means what is consistently selling volume in all markets over a large time period. Its not really a matter of which technology strategy is ‘better’, shorter hops or longer ones, they are just different.

      Have to point I’m not a fanboy either, I also enjoy each of the consoles for that they offer 🙂

  • I have only a Wii, PC and PS3. And I really wish Sony execs would just STFU sometimes (actually, a lot).

  • @ Nu_Skool_Gamer

    Hahaha I see what you did there.

    By the way my online moniker isn’t an indication that I play old school games all the time. I do love playing them but life would be boring if I just played the same games over and over. It’s just an indication that I started playing when gaming first started, before the NES.

  • @ Nu_Skool_Gamer

    No one knows for sure what the future will hold. I know that it’s possible but I think it’s very unlikely.

    Your entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine.

    Only time will tell my fellow gamer.

  • Sony just hopes the PS3 will eventually dominate like the PS2 did against the N64 and original Xbox. I don’t see that happening I’m sure Nintendo/MS have their own plans. BluRay technology is definitely a plus for Sony though.

  • Of course the PS3 will have a long life cycle. That’s the only way they can justify to their shareholders the horrendous expense the PS3 has exacted from Sony.

    But questions of dominance projected three years from now are completely irrelevant. The one thing this cycle of consoles has proven is that no one knows what the hell will happen.

    Remember this console generation was supposed to be a one horse race with Xbox a distant a second and Nintendo laughed off stage. Then came all the predictions that “This Will Be the Year of the PS3″… It’s not May2009 and we’re still waiting.

    (Disclaimer: I own both a PS3 and an Xbox but not a Wii at this stage)

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