Sony: The Wii Owns The Closet

It's a shame, but corporate smack talk seems to have gone out of style since the likes of Peter Moore and Ken Kutaragi left their posts. Today, though, Sony are bringing it back.

And good for them! While some dismiss this kind of business as childish - purile, even - we don't. Bring it on! The shittier the shit-talking the better, as this industry would be a boring place without it.

Which brings us to an interview on Gamasutra, with Sony's Peter Dille, who recycles a Jack Tretton quote by saying:

Yeah, I don't want to steal [CEO]Jack [Tretton] 's quote, but he's fond of saying: "Microsoft owns the office; Sony owns the living room; and Wii owns the closet." And that's an aggressive, probably quotable line.

But the point he's trying to make is something that we find backed up in a lot of our research and focus groups: that people who are playing the Wii bring it out when friends come over and then put it back away — that the console that stays connected to the TV is a different system.

You're damn right it's quotable. Probably grossly inaccurate, too, but then, that's not the point of these statements, is it?

Catching Up With PlayStation: Peter Dille On Sony In 2009 [Gamasutra]


    While others may disagree, the Wii portion of it is completely correct for every person I know who still owns a Wii (the rest of us have since profited off its scarcity via ebay!).

      people don't literally set it up and put it away, everyone who works for sony is a fucking moron

    @Mr Waffle
    That is spot on accurate aswell! Yes- the demand for the Wii (in Australia anyway and probably every other country it sells in) was high. And the production of it didn't always meet the demand. So they did sell for alot more on eBay.

    But it wasn't people buying 2 Wii's and selling the second one to make a little profit. It was mostly people getting rid of their Wii after only 3 months. Heck i know two people who did that and got Xbox 360's instead. Wii Sports made the Wii even more popular and standout more to everyone - but its something you play for a few weeks and then just don't bother turning it on anymore - Unless you're Japanese.

    I've said it before and it only becomes more true every time I need to say it: I'm sick of Sony's petty remarks and marketting. I think they'll find that there are more Wiis in living rooms than there are PS3s.

    I'm really not sure what to make of the fact that Sony relies more on bitching about other consoles than on selling the strengths of their own.

    Ha! Take that you stupid Wii owners. The Wii is just a fad. Get used to it.

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