Sony: Killzone 2 Sales Have 'Exceeded Our Expectations'

Guerilla Games' PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter Killzone 2 is, by Sony's own estimate, already a sales success. With some 500,000 copies already solid in the U.S., Sony says it's breaking internal records.

Sony Computer Entertainment America's vice president of marketing Scott Steinberg tells GameDaily that Killzone 2 "set the record as the most pre-ordered SCEA PS3 title to-date." On top of that, Steinberg says, the game is also "the fastest SCEA PS3 title to break the 500,000 unit mark and it's also the highest selling SCEA PS3 title for the first 30 days out of launch."

Yes, the game may not have sold as spectacularly as some of the more emotionally invested would have liked during the first month of tracked sales—323,000 copies in February, which actually only accounted for two days worth of sales—but it appears to be holding steady in its second month.

We'll have a better idea how it held up in March, when the NPD Group releases its sales figures next week. Until then, don't worry about sales too much.

Chart Toppers: Killzone 2 Hits the Mark [GameDaily]


    I am a BIG XBOX 360 FAN! I prefer 360 over PS3 anyday - but that's just me. However i do want a PS3 to be
    able to have a chance at properly playing Uncharted, Resistance and Killzone to name a few.
    There is a PS3 in my house, but it isn't mine. However i just hired Killzone 2 and was amazed.

    I do prefer Halo 3 over it & of corse Call of Duty 4 & WaW (even though they are on PS3 aswell) but Killone 2
    still works VERY VERY well.
    Comparing it to Halo 3 should not be done, in terms of sales etc.. anyway.

    Look at the PS3's sales compared to Xbox 360's sales when each game was released. Yes Halo 3 was released
    quicker to the console than what Killzone 2 was to the PS3 from launch and probably spent a little longer developing it.
    But still don't compare them. Killzone 2 is NOT a Halo in anyway. I might found like a fanboy here but i'm not trying to.

    Halo is a very memorable franchise. Master Chief is like a Mario or Sonic. Killzone is nothing like that and i don't think it ever will be.
    But that doesn't mean it isn't a great game. It just means it won't sell MILLIONS in its first week or days.

    I prefer Halo & CoD because the aiming and the general feel of the game is better IMO.
    When shooting in Killzone 2, it feels less accurate etc... and thats obviously the way they wanted it to be.
    More realistic, yet Halo & CoD games are more... your aimer is on the target, shoot and you will guarantee hitting the enemy.
    I am used to that, i like that. Killzone 2 isn't like that - but it doesn't mean i dislike it.
    I still acknowledge and praise it for its graphics, environment & everything really. I am just not used to it yet
    NOR am i used to playing with a PlayStation controller again.

    I was a PSone & PS2 fan then turned to XBOX actually because of Halo and have stayed ever since.
    I am used to the controls but i am standing up for Killzone 2 because it is a Great game and won't sell millions
    because it isn't a franchise thats very memorable in the way that Mario & Halo are.

      Halo was stolen from PC gamers...
      and that was probably a good thing in the end because it never would have made it on the PC as it was a pretty *MEH* shooter anyway...
      BUT we did ended up with the very funny Red vs Blue =D

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