"Soul Breeding" Japanese RPG Headed For Europe

Strategy role-playing-game title features not only suggestive eating, but also "soul breeding".

Record of Agarest War has a "Soul Breed" system in which players must capture the heart of the game's heroines so that they can create their successor. When this happens, there is a "special" movie that's show, and afterwards the new successor is revealed. His stats are even based on the heroine you select for breeding. Yep, in-game DNA.

Originally, the Japanese game was released on the PS3, but it has since gotten the inevitable Xbox 360 — complete with underwear differences. The game has been Japan Only... Until now, it seems.

A rating for PS3 title Agarest: Generations of War has appeared in Germany. The game will be released by European publisher Midas Interactive, who has worked with Japan's Idea Factory. Idea Factory is partly responsible for Record of Agarest War. So there you go.

Soul Breeding PS3 SRPG Picked Up For International Release [Siliconera]


    Meh, I will only buy this if it has the original Japanese audio track included, together with english subtitles like Disgaea 3 had. English voices on Anime characters.... Geez, one of my worst nightmares! It just sounds so wrong -_-''

    If not, I'll just import it from Japan, even if I just understand around 15% of it... Also, they better not mess with the opening like they did on Valkyria Chronicles!!! Removed the wonderfull song, how crude of them...

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