Spring Sale Turns Up Curious White Knight Chronicles Pricing

Osaka game retailer Ojamakan (there's one near my house!) was running a special spring sale with very special pricing.

Some games (like DS title ASH -Archaic Sealed Heat-) were as low as ten yen, which is the US dollar equivalent of 10 cents! Ojamakan typically has a few good deals, but during this sale there were tons of great deals. The Legendary Starfy 4 for ¥380 (US$3.82) anyone?

There was one deal in particular that causes much head scratching: PS3 title White Knight Chronicles used was priced at ¥980 ($9.85), which is down from its usual Ojamakan price of ¥1,880. M'kay, fantastic, people could pick up a solid RPG at the nice price.

Here's the bewildering part — in the same ad, Ojamakan is buying back the game for ¥1,000. Meaning you could actually buy the game at discount, sell it back to the same store AND MAKE A SMALL TWENTY CENT PROFIT. Surely this was an ad misprint!

春休みにPS3の『白騎士物語』が980円で売ってたらしいんだ [my game news flash]


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