Square Enix Dives Into MySpace Gaming

Square Enix sinks to the very depths of casual gaming with the launch of Dive II Hunt: Sorbet's Great Adventure, a java-based game on the company's MySpace page.

The game follows the adventures of adorable Sorbet, the brother of prolific Final Fantasy XII Moogle Montblanc, as he embarks on a quest to catch a whole mess of fish. Accept missions to dive under the ocean to collect fish and earn gil to upgrade your equipment, but watch out for that pesky air meter. Get caught without air too deep and you'll wind up in bed for several days, and with only 30 game days to become the Hunter Dive Master, you'll need all the time you have. It's a nifty little game, actually, with leaderboards to show you how much you suck at fishing with a Moogle.

MySpace is a rather odd place for a Square Enix game to show up, but Dive II Hunt makes it almost worth digging up your login information and having to deal with that bastard Tom.

Dive II Hunt [MySpace via 1UP]


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