Square Enix Finally Gets A World War II Game

Square Enix joins forces with real-time strategy specialists Wargaming.net to publish Order of War, a strategy title that takes place during everyone's favourite international conflict, World War II.

Order of War is real-time strategy on a massive scale, with players taking control of entire armies as they play out scenarios in across two campaigns - Americans versus Germans and Germans versus Russians. The game will represent the first Western-developed game released by Square Enix outside of Japan, beating out Gas Powered Games' Supreme Commander 2, another Square Enix-published real-time strategy game. Square Enix Ltd. president and CEO John Yamamoto conveys his excitement.

"ORDER OF WAR offers Square Enix an exciting opportunity to enter this hugely popular genre, and is a strong proposition for our first western developed release. With its cinematic intensity, hugely realistic battles and historical accuracy, the game looks set to whet the appetite of any war gaming fan."

Order of War is due out across PAL territories this fall, though the game's official website also includes a section for North America, which indicates a U.S. release as well.


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