Star Trek D-A-C Boldly Goes Official

Paramount Digital Entertainment officially announced Star Trek D-A-C for the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and PC today, delivering new screenshots of the movie-themed space shooter to the masses.

The official announcement for Star Trek D-A-C doesn't really offering anything new in the way of game information. From McWhertor's report at GDC we learned that it was a top-down shooter with a strong emphasis on online multiplayer, with single player, online co-op, and online competitive modes. We also knew it was coming in May, though now we know that the Xbox 360 version drops that month, with the PlayStation Network and PC versions coming soon after.

That leaves these new screenshots, though looking through them we managed to find at least two we've already seen. It's just one of the perils of working with a 43-year-old science fiction franchise. It's all been done before.


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