Stephen Totilo On His Move To Kotaku, Leaving MTV

Stephen Totilo is leaving his MTV Multiplayer gig to join the ranks of Kotaku as our new Deputy Managing Editor. Why would Totilo do such a thing? He explains the transition in a new interview.

Totilo tells Crispy Gamer all about the move from simple Kotaku tag to his highly anticipated return as a Kotaku person. Don't think it's going to be all wine and roses for Mr. Totilo, as he'll be suffering the loss of his mainstream outlet privileges, entering the category of "enthusiast press." But he has his reasons.

"What Kotaku allows me to do is reach another audience," Totilo explains, "a massive and passionate crowd of hardcore gamers and developers who, I think, already do respect the kind of reporting I and some of the Kotaku guys do, and will be happy to get even more of it."

Totilo also shrugs off the assertion that he's just waiting for a game development job, that not even the death of Kotaku by space rock would sway him from gaming journalism.

"Just a week or so ago, I was reading some rude comments from a developer telling me that he was sure I was just biding my time until I could get a cushy development job. He guessed wrong," he says. "If a meteor hits Kotaku and I manage to survive, then I will get another gaming journalism job after that."

Sure, linking to Stephen's interview may be a little self-serving on our part, but we're glad the man has a chance to speak more openly about the job change. And I'm not just saying that because he'll outrank me and happens to name-check me in the interview.

God, I hope I don't get crushed by a meteor tonight.

Press Pass: Totilo Talks Transition From MTV to Kotaku [Crispy Gamer]


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