Street Fighter IV Championship Mode Dated, Brings New Features

On April 24 (in Japan), Street Fighter IV will get the totally free "Championship Mode" update, bringing unique features to both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

Replays, it seems, will be viewable cross-platform as well as "replay rankings". However, the PS3 is getting an exclusive voting system that allows players to vote for parts of the fight they thing are "Funny", "Awesome" or "Beautiful".

The Xbox 360, on the other hand, gets a couple interesting functions of its own: On-screen display of input keys and the ability to download replays to any media to the Xbox 360's HDD or memory card and then upload those replays for off-line viewing.

Not sure why both platforms couldn't have these features...

UPDATE: Previously we incorrectly listed that Championship Mode would be priced. This update is free, free, free.

『ストIV』で大規模アップデートを実施、新モード、新コンテンツが追加 [Famitsu Thanks Zappa!]


    What the hell?

    Someone please tell me that there's more features yet to be mentioned or Kotaku failed to list all the features properly because I would never pay $US25 for the worthless features mentioned above.
    I'm assuming new costumes are coming from the screenshots, but no new chars, stages or anything.. just.. some rather dull replay saving and modification features.. christ >:(

    I don't know what comes as part of the tourney package, but the extra costumes above are already released in seperate packs.

    Wasn't this supposed to be the FREE update?

    C'mon Capcom. Get your act together.

    I'll correct your statement for you: "C'mon Kotaku. Get your act together."

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