Sunday Supplement: "Level design is communication"


Welcome to the Sunday Supplement, your Sunday-ly wrap of some of the best games writing of the last week or so.

GameSetWatch: 'Diamond in the Rough': Forget 'Combat Mode Engaged' Combat maybe our primary mode of game interaction, but Tom Cross looks at how other systems can just as successfully engage the player.

Offworld: Ragdoll Metaphysics: Cloud Gaming Is The Nebulous Shape Of Ubiquitous Gaming Jim Rossignol examines the potential ramifications of OnLive and its fellow could computing gaming solutions.

Fullbright: Reorienteering: spatial organization in BioShock 2K Marin's Steve Gaynor reveals a few secrets of BioShock's level design.

Resolution: A Thousand Deaths Is A Statistic Lewis Denby examines the real meaning of death (and murder) in games.

Groping The Elephant: Contextual Specification - Example 1 Oh, and yes, here's your obligatory Far Cry 2 related essay...


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