Syndicate Remake Looking More Likely

Way back in October 2008, we first heard talk that Starbreeze were working on a remake of Bullfrog's classic Syndicate. Was nice talk, but talk nonetheless. Today, that talk has resurfaced.

First, insutry site said that, according to sources, Starbreeze (developers of The Darkness) were at work on a new Syndicate title, and that it was due for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. They also said it wouldn't be out for a little while, as Starbreeze had to finish working on the Bourne game for EA first.

Then news site Shacknews said much the same thing, though their source was from publishers EA.

When contacted for comment, EA would only say that they do not comment on rumours.

While it's nice to see the name pop up again after a decade of lying dormant, the fact it's coming for the 360, PS3 and PC has us worried that the appeal in a remake may have more to do with the game's setting and clinical ultra-violence than it will with tactical squad command.

Starbreeze working on new Syndicate title for EA []
EA Reviving Syndicate [Shacknews]


    Woooooah man i havent even thought about this game for 10 years. Memories are all flooding back!!

    Any good news today is going to be ignored as an April Fool's gag. You might as well be publishing that they are also doing a graphical update of Earthbound for western release, to be released on DS and Xbox Live Arcade/WiiWare/PSN etc.

    Also, OnLive will work.

    Well I guess it's kind of a no-brainer - though I do wonder why it has taken SO LONG to happen. If they get the tense squad based combat right, AND the excellent art style & atmosphere of the first one, they will be doing well. It won't be an easy task though, and the great potential that Syndicate possess, could be easily, and shamefully squandered.

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