Take-Two Trademarks Irrational Boston

Could Take-Two be giving 2K Boston back their unique identity? A trademark application for Irrational Boston seems to point in that direction.

Irrational Games was purchased by Take-Two back in early 2006, and then were "rewarded" with a name change to 2K Boston and 2K Australia in November of 2007, following the success of the original BioShock. Now a trademark application filed on March 27th for the name Irrational Boston, along with some t-shirts that were floating around during the Game Developers Conference last week (as seen on Joystiq) seem to be pointing towards a changing of the names.

While the trademark application and the t-shirts are certainly not a definitive announcement, it would be nice to see Irrational's name popping up in our posts once again. Besides, this way Take-Two could re-reward them the 2K Boston name once BioShock 2 comes out. Everybody's happy!

Take-Two has filed a trademark registration for Irrational Boston


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